Fresh Start

Its been a rough summer last three years for me. I am moving forward in everything and most likely moving literally as well.

I have been catching up on WIPs lately. I just finished a baby sweater for a co-worker and I will be finishing one sweater tonight and another one by this weekend. The sweater I am finishing today is a bulky weight and I only have an arm of my February Lady sweater to knit.

I went back to Savannah last weekend to visit family and see some close pals. I did not see everyone I had planned on seeing since my drinking canceled out an entire day. I was talking with my friend about our increased drinking at age 25 and how we drink more at home than we do socially. She has started her own business and I have been getting my inventory ready for the last couple of weeks to launch mine. My business plan has been building over the last year and I feel that my launch will happen before September.

Visiting with one of my closest friends and seeing how he still looks at me is one of the main reasons I will move back home, plus my family. I am hoping to be back there in December. Unfortunately my lease was just signed until August of 2011. UGH, well I think its only 1000 to end it early which will be cheaper to do in December. I shall see.

I will post some project pictures tomorrow:)

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